La Posada del Torcal
Country Boutique Hotel

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Country Boutique Hotel La Posada del Torcal

When you drive from the lovely coast of Malaga into the beautiful countryside of Andalusia, you will find our small charming country boutique hotel 'La Posada del Torcal'.

It is located in the middle of Andalusia's most spectacular landscape, where you can experience astonishing natural surroundings. Being at the foot of the majestic El Torcal, which proudly bears the name of being a UNESCO world heritage site.

Apart from the panoramic view all over the mountains of Malaga, you are as well able to enjoy your breakfast on clear days with an outlook over the Mediterranean sea. 

Here at La Posada del Torcal you will find total serenity, but still have the excitement of discovering all the secrets that Andalusia holds. Our mission is to give you an unforgettable holiday experience or a relaxing break.

We want to show you the beauty of this area and we hope you will fall in love with the Andalusian culture, just as we did.